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Do you: Have a heart for your community? Want to find homes for the poor and marginalised of our society? Have a passion for the vulnerable needing support? Kingdom Bank, the 60-year-old vision of a Pentecostal pastor, has recently launched a mortgage service to support your ministry. Across the country there are many Churches and Charities working to bring about significant change to the poor and marginalised of our society. Often these projects start on a small scale, perhaps with a single house made available to the project. So often the scheme can be multiplied by access to further properties but sourcing the funding to make this happen can be a real challenge. Some mortgage companies have restrictive criteria for tenants, which makes sourcing a mortgage to acquire property impossible.

The mortgage service from Kingdom Bank is focussed on properties that will be used to bring about a positive change to people’s lives. The borrower can be a Church, a Charity, an individual or even a Company. The Bank will lend up to 80% of the property value with repayments over periods up to 30 years. The rental income needs to cover the repayment with at least a 10% margin and the borrower needs to meet the Bank’s normal credit status requirements.

Chris Sheldon, CEO, explains: “Our Mission Statement includes the phrase ‘changing lives for good’ and this mortgage scheme really does this. We have £5m to lend on this type of project in 2015 and are very keen to find borrowers.”

For further information: call or email Kirsty on 0115 921 7250, or see

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