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Our Vision & Values


We want to see Newham transformed by God’s Kingdom coming in much greater measure.



We encourage followers of Jesus to collaborate in prayer and action, to be ‘salt and light’, to seek the welfare of our ‘city’ and particularly we partner churches, individuals and groups to

connect the followers of Jesus together

link people to resources and places

encourage existing work

catalyze new initiatives.


What we value


  • We follow Christ.

We cooperate with what we see God is doing by the Holy Spirit, both among His followers and beyond.

We signpost people to Jesus and His ways.

We prompt real mindset changes in order to get around problems from the past.


  • We prize Unity.

Unity was commissioned by Jesus and made possible by His death and resurrection.

Unity is not a statement of our lowest common denominator, Unity is action and belief with a purpose – so that the world might know.


We think The Church does more, and works best when people are cooperating and complementing, rather than competing.


  • We affirm Diversity.

No one fellowship or group can do everything or reach everyone. Each ministry and calling has significance. Every area of human activity needs followers of Jesus to be active in it to help shape and redeem it.


We promote working inclusively and respectfully. We promote retaining our distinctives while showing generous interest in our differences.


  • We seek the welfare of Newham.

The place and land of Newham is good, and we commit to pray for it.

We promote the sense of belonging here and encourage people to contribute to its life.

We work with people who seek the common good in practical ways.


We profile some of its callings:-

to care for its people

to welcome incomers

to join in with what God is doing across London

to release / send people into the wider nation and many countries beyond.



Seeing God’s Kingdom transforming Newham: Together Active Praying.


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