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This is clearly vital! When praying together we are primarily seeking to cooperate with God our Father and Creator, and Jesus our Saviour in the power of the Holy Spirit.


Doing it together means we can seek to bring in more of the Kingdom and commonwealth, and participate in the process of breaking down barriers of separation and misunderstanding.


Praying is for everyone. We should bring the issues of our lives, churches, borough and wider world in prayer.

To be effective it will help us if we are learning what it is to ‘come in the opposite spirit’.

If you have a burden for local issues and want to connect with others, do get in touch.


If you see that the institutions the workplace and the land of East London get less prayer than they need, do get in touch.


St Katherine’s in Limehouse - Website 

Mulberry House, Ongar - Website

Pilgrims Hall, Brentwood - Website

Places for Prayer and Retreat, even just a day.
Transform Newham Prayer Meeting

Clearly prayer is happening all the time! Each person, ministry activity and congregation prays in various ways.


We set time aside, generally in one week of Autumn to call people to pray together beyond our usual groupings.  For more details at the right time, see the News & Events tab.


Blessing Newham

You are welcome to join the weekly collective prayer for our neighbourhoods every Thursday morning which will move between various postcode locations. For more information please contact us on 02084726363 or email


Prayer booklet

If you want material specifically themed around issues in Newham, have a look at our prayer brochure, available by clicking here 

National Day of Prayer and Worship

We believe that God will visit the British Isles as the church unites in prayer and mission.


Find out more about National day of Prayer and Worship




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