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What Sort Of Church Does Newham Need By Bishop Graham Cray Of Fresh Expressions

We had the privilidge having Bishop Graham Cray Of Fresh Expressions speking to us at our recent 20/20 confrence, looking at regeneration in the borough.

Here are the main points Bishop Graham Cray shared with us.

What sort of Church does Newham Need?

The Church in each place is the Church for that place.The church in each place is to be the sign, instrument and forestaste of the reign of God present in Christ for that place

‘The character of the local church will not be determined primarily by the character, tastes, dispositions, etc., of its members, but by those of the society in which and for which it lives - seen in the light of God‘s redemptive purpose revealed in Jesus Christ.’

‘A local church will be a congregation in which everyone who belongs to that place will be able to recognize the call of Christ addressed to him or her in words, deeds and patterns of life and worship which he can understand.’

The full powerpoint from the day, ‘What Sort Of Church Does Newham Need?’, can be downloaded by clicking here

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