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In Churches Too: Ending Domestic Violence

In Churches Too is a new campaign from Restored highlighting the issue of domestic abuse and that this happens 'in churches too'. The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of the issue of domestic abuse, dispel some of the myths and equip Christians and Churches to respond appropriately, effectively and in line with good practice.

Free Church Pack

We have a free pack for churches on ending domestic abuse available here. It aims to give a basic overview of what is domestic abuse, identifying the signs of abuse and the do's and don'ts of dealing with a survivor and a perpetrator of abuse.

Church Training

Restored also provides training for churches, groups of churches and dioceses. This usually consists of a whole day of training which can be adapted to suit the audience. Jospehine Wakeling is our new Church Training Manager who comes to us with years of experience in working in the sector. If you are interested in receiving training then please get in touch via or call 020 8943 7855.

The cost of providing training for Churches is between £350 -£500 per day including expenses. This pays for the staff member costs, travel expenses, accommodation, printing and stationary costs, materials & other support costs. We simply aim to recover our costs. However we do not want the cost of the training to be a barrier to receiving the training. We do ask as a minimum that travel and accommodation costs are covered, noting that Restored's regular givers will be subsidising any shortfall. If churches would like to contribute more then this would be put towards training for churches that cannot afford to otherwise.

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