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Do you volunteer or work in any of these spheres of activity?


  • Health - physical, mental, psychological; wellbeing, counselling, medicine.           

  • All the sciences (earth, physics, chemistry, biology, weather, space, etc).             

  • Technology.

  • Education, at all levels.

  • Manufacturing.

  • Social enterprise.

  • Charitable sector.

  • Commerce & consulting.

  • Transport.

  • Retail.

  • Clothing.

  • Banking, money, debt.

  • Food & farming.

  • Energy industry (wind, electricity, gas, water, biomass, nuclear, coal).

  • Waste and recycling industries.

  • Water industry.

  • Media (word, visual, digital, social).

  • Sports and leisure.

  • Creativity and the arts (music, dance, craft, theatre, writing, etc).

  • Armed forces.

  • Civil defence: Police, fire, coast guard, flood.

  • Monarchy.

  • Parliament.  

  • Politics.

  • Central government / civil service depts.             

  • Local government.

  • Law; courts and legal justice.                     

  • Immigration & migration within UK.

  • Charities.

  • Housing and homelessness.

  • Tourism and places to stay.

  • Heritage; museums & conservation of the past.               

  • Conservation and stewardship of land, sea, air, plants, and creatures.

  • The home.

  • Your family.



Then you qualify! If you are working out what it means to be Christian in any of these - Well done! Please get in touch to swap stories and to see if we can support you in some way.


Where is your ‘front line’?

A six-session DVD resource for small groups to equip Christians to make a difference on their Frontlines. 


To view the resourse, please go to


A second series is ‘Fruitfulness on the Front line’ is available at

Recommended resources

‘Thank God it’s Monday’ by Mark Greene


‘God at Work: living every day with purpose’ by Ken Costa


‘Anointed for Business’ Ed Silvoso


They all indicate how our whole lives are open to God  and we can make a difference where we work.


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