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About Us


Transform Newham began as a registered charity in 2004 after enjoying 25 years as an informal set of relationships between some churches,  originally known as Newham Christian Fellowships.


From our original Evangelical and Pentecostal roots all that time ago we have expanded and now work and pray across a much wider range of denominations, languages and ethnic communities. We are not a pseudo denomination or a membership organisation. Rather we are a network of over 200 churches, separate ministries and charities in Newham, all of whom have their own calling but who link in different ways. We seek to function in more of the truth that we are one family in Christ with differing priorities and yet with a common bond.


What Transform Newham Does


We host Transforming Newham N.E.W.S. (north, east, west, south) which are major evening prayer events every quarter in each of Newham's Quadrants. They combine praying for the area with praying for one of the Collectives. They are open to any Believer wanting to make a difference in prayer.

We support and help to administer Collectives. Each Collective is a particular focus for ministry around which several individuals, groups and churches gather to make a bigger and a better difference. So far there are Collectives around
 - making better connections with our Muslim neighbours, friends, colleagues, family members, called Newham Mahabba ('love' in Arabic).

 - youth, children and school work, called Synergy Collective.

 - Street Pastors Collective.

 - Poverty & Justice Collective.


We currently highlight these priorities for impacting Newham but are in no way restricted by them, and want to see Christians to come together in various Collectives including health, local government, sport, creativity, and business, to pray; to share ideas, challenges, resources and expertise.

We encourage Believers to work together with others of good will in bold and imaginative ways.


Using Our Website


  • You will find details of the work we do and our strategic priorities.

  • We provide a place here where anyone can ask their real questions about what it is to be a follower of Christ particularly when they come from another faith background and want to ask anonymously. (This will be moderated and checked with several different people offering answers).  

  • We also publicise News and Events which will be of interest to the wider Christian community: these might be conferences or training you are holding locally; helpful national initiatives; job vacancies or volunteer opportunities you wish to fill. Do be in touch!



Would you like to support Transform Newham?


If you would like to make a donation to enable Transform Newham to continue its ministry to help the Newham Christian community work together more closely and effectively, then click on this image.


For other ways of joining in, participating, giving towards transformation, please contact our Officer, Matthew Porter, on 07842 343916.

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