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'African Christianity in Britain' by Chigor Chike

In recent decades, a significant number of Africans have come to live in Britain, bringing with them their own kind of Christianity.

The book 'African Christianity in Britain' by Chigor Chike is the first significant study to be published on the nature of the faith of African Christians living in Britain. It shows how the Christian beliefs of these Africans are often nuanced with their African traditional worldview and distinguishes their faith from the kind of Christianity found in the West.

This is a book that would help people in the West to gain a better understanding of where African Christians are coming from. In the Foreword to the book, David Hawkins, the Bishop of Barking writes: “Chigor rehearses the powerful place of Bible teaching and preaching in African Christianity. He speaks of the ease at which Africans weave their personal stories into the biblical narratives so that the Bible embraces the totality of their existence…. This is perhaps a reason why a predominantly liberal and western interpretation of the Bible is causing offence for many African Christians over the issue of sexual morality.”

Chigor wrote the book based on knowledge he gained from living for many years in both Africa and Britain. He has also studied this field for many years and has theology degrees from the universities of Oxford and Gloucestershire. Chigor is an Anglican Minister in Custom House. He is married and has three children.

'African Christianity in Britain' is his second book and can be ordered for £8.99 by clicking here.

The first, 'Voices From Slavery', is also available by clicking here.

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