Small Grants Fund

The commitment is to serve, release and enable the Body of Christ to function in Christian action, worship and mission across the full theological spectrum.
This fund is set up to help Believers in Newham to fulfil their God-given vision. It is primarily aimed at releasing those who are not in church leadership or other full time church work.
We normally support projects which have a delivery team made up of Christians drawn from more than one congregation - ideally from more than one denomination. It is fine if one or more of the team is not in a church at present. Both informal groups and registered charities are welcome.
We generally fund a project for a year at a time with a maximum of three years, which may well be on a taper, so that we avoid the trap of setting up a dependent relationship. An occasional project could receive extended funding at the discretion of the grants committee. We will happily consider things like equipment, room hire, publicity, registering as a charity (which costs about £800 through Stewardship Ltd., or is free if you do it on line), part-time staff hours. We welcome applications for a ‘bridging grant’ that tides the work over until larger promised grants arrive.
While welcoming any application, in 2014 we focus our attention on projects which
  • address poverty in some way,
  • support children or youth (inc direct gang work),
  • seek to impact the newly regenerated areas of our Borough by assisting the development of community, and
  • spearhead a new social form that challenges the existing system.
Application form and Guidance Notes can be downloaded from the left of this page.
Application form must be submitted via email as a Word document to